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Min is Not God!
This online tract exposes the true origins of images found in "The Book of Abraham" (part of the LDS scriptures).  Joseph Smith Jr. claimed that he was able to translate the Egyptian from the artifacts discovered among 4 mummies that he bought in 1835 from a traveling showman.  This tract exposes how Smith's claims are now conclusively proven false.

James White

Street Abuse! 
King James Only Fundamentalists purposefully ruin outreach opportunities and bring disgrace to the Gospel.

James White

FARMS Strikes Again!
A FARMS publication shows that nothing has changed at BYU: falsehoods
remain standard fare.  (also related to the next two articles listed below).


James White

Psalm 82 and John 10
BYU Professor William Hamblin engages James White in discussion.

Nastigrams 'R Us
BYU Professors Prove That "Metcalfe is Butthead" Was No Fluke. 


James White
Of Cities and Swords:
The Impossible Task of Mormon Apologetics.
(from Equip.org, this article originally appeared in the CRI Journal).


James White
Christian Grace Versus Mormon Grace
A comparison of beliefs.


James White
Offenders for a Word
James White exposes glaring errors in scholarship in this FARMS publication.


James White
No, I Am Not Your Brother! 
D.L. Barksdale Reaches New Lows in the Art of Misrepresentation.


James White

Did the Early Church Believe in the LDS Doctrine of God?


James White
Quotations from Mormon Leaders on the Christian Faith
Is It "Bashing" or "Persecution" to disagree with Mormonism? LDS leaders
have attacked the Christian Faith many times in the past.

James White
What DID Christ Teach?
A Response to an LDS Tract.


James White
Temples Made With Hands
Answering the LDS View of Temple Building.   (An Electronic Tract)


James White
The Empty Hand of Faith
An Electronic Tract Dealing with the Nature of Saving Faith


James White
I Testify To You.... 
Online Tract Introducing the Differences Between Christianity and Mormonism.


James White
The Gates of Hell
A BBS discussion of a Hugh Nibley article from 1948. (LONG)


A Study in F.A.R.M.S. Behavior
A response to L. Ara Norwood's review of Letters to a Mormon Elder.


James White
17 Points of the True Church
Our Response to a Commonly Distributed LDS Publication


James White
100 Verse Memorization System
For Witnessing to Mormons (LONG)


James White
Does Mormonism Teach that God the
Father Physically Begat the Son?


James White
Why Do You Do This?
An Online Tract Answering the Question, "Why Do You Evangelize Mormons?"


James White
A Brief Description of the Trinity
Mormons often misunderstand this vital Christian doctrine.


James White
Letters to a Mormon Elder
Direct link to the online text version of the book.


James White
Joseph Smith as Translator


Sean Hahn
Many Gods, Many Lords


James White
Removing One’s Name From the Rolls of the LDS Church


James White
Three Levels of Heaven?


James White
The Evolution of Mormon Theology


James White

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