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Alpha and Omega Ministries is unashamedly Reformed in its theology. Dr. White is an elder of the Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church. While such a stand is not overly popular in the Church of the late 20th Century, we are convinced that the Reformed emphasis upon the sovereignty of God, His immutable character and purpose, the deadness of man in sin, and the freedom of God's grace in Christ Jesus, not only provides the only consistent and meaningful response to the errors of our day, but is the most consistent, pure, biblical understanding of divine revelation.



A Brief Response to Marc Carpenter
Had the unpleasant experience of running into Hyper-Calvinists?  Here's an e-mail exchange that might be useful to you.

James White

A Critical Assessment of the Graf-Wellhausen Documentary Hypothesis
Colin Smith Critiques the JEDP Theory.  A Helpful Introduction!

Colin Smith

The Great Calvinistic Conspiracy
James White reviews the claims of The Berean Call

James White

2 Peter 2:1 and Universal Redemption
Simon Escobedo Delves Fully Into the Arguments that Use 2 Peter 2:1 to Deny Particular Redemption.  A Must Read!

Simon Escobedo III

An Open Letter to Dave Hunt
James White Comments on Dave Hunt's New Anti-Reformed Book

James White

Dave Hunt vs. Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Dave Hunt Refuses to Admit His Error Regarding Spurgeon

James White

The Vine and the Branches
An Apologetic Response to the Misuse of John 15

James White

America's New Religiosity
James White Responds to the Religious Aftermath of 9/11/01

James White

Read this Encouraging Note


A Disappointing Response 
A reply to Norman Geisler's appendix in the 2nd edition of Chosen But Free

James White

A Discussion of John 6 and Roman Catholic Apologetics
While primarily relevant to Roman Catholicism, many will find
this discussion relevant to Reformed theology and apologetics

James White

James White Discusses Calvinism with Dave Hunt
This 80-minute discussion was prompted by Mr. Hunt's attack
on Calvinism in the August, 2000 edition of The Berean Call.
A most interesting discussion in Real Audio format (now available in mp3 as well)

Audio File
James White & Dave Hunt

A  Reply to Norman Geisler's "Chosen But Free"
Recorded before writing The Potter's Freedom, this 9-part series responds
to the claims of Norman Geisler in his attack on the Reformed faith

Audio File James White

A Response to D. A. Waite on Limited Atonement


Simon Escobedo

A Response to R.C.H. Lenski on Romans 9


James White

Does the Bible Teach Predestination?
An Online Debate: James White debates Mormon Apologist Darryl Barksdale


Dan Corner, Evangelical Outreach, and Debates
Dan Corner demands James White debate him,
but Mr. Corner won't debate the real issue

James White

Doctrines Lead to Biblical Theology
A Response To Dr. Estep

James White

Was Anyone Saved at the Cross?
A Biblical Presentation and Defense of Particular Redemption

James White

The Sovereign God and Sinful Man
 The Theology of Jonathan Edwards


James White

A Brief Rebuttal of Baptismal Regeneration

James White

The True Essence of Revival
What REAL Revival is

C.H. Spurgeon

Not By Works at All!
An Examination of Titus 3:5-7

Mike Porter

John Chapter 6

James White

The Doctrine of Man - Anthropology

James White

C.H. Spurgeon

The Sum and Substance of All Theology
C.H. Spurgeon

Eternal Security Based on the Tri-Une Nature of God

James White