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Sola Scriptura in Dialogue
This article originally appeared at credoquarterly.com, but was removed without notice.  If you want to know about sola scriptura and how to present it in discussion, this is a must read.

James White

Hebrews and the Atonement of Christ
Hebrews Chapter 10 contains a strong argument for the singularity and completedness of the atonement of Christ over against the Roman concept.  Included is an excursus on an error in the Latin Vulgate.

James White

Eisegesis in Roman Apologetics
Mark Bonocore attempts to address the issue of the monarchical episcopate in the early church but ends up providing more examples of eisegetical misuse of both Scripture and the early Fathers

James White

An Online Debate on Purgatory

A timed online debate from the log of our "Pros Apologian" chatroom.

James White vs. Various RC Participants

Mark Shea, Author of By What Authority? and James White (and others) Attempt to Discuss Sola Scriptura. 



Roman Catholic Apologists Vent and Show Their True FeelingsThis kind of vitriolic rhetoric tells you something about the motivations of those who oppose the gospel of grace.
James White

"I Came To Grant...Disunity"  (Luke 12:51)
James White discusses the whole issue of Mrs. Patty Bonds

James White
John 6, the Father and the Son, Salvation, and Roman Catholic Apologists
Mr. Sungenis replied to this, and our response, though rather long--more than 200K--is worth the reading here for 1sthere for the second, and here for the third.
James White
1 Corinthians 3 and Purgatory James White
Catholic Answers Reaches New Lows
in Poor Scholarship and Mockery of Protestants.


James White
You Tell Me!
Does Rome clarify, or muddle, the gospel?


James White
Failure to Document
Catholic Answers tries to provide a defense of Honorius that drops to new lows in misrepresenting history.


James White
St. Joseph's Communications Admits Defeat
The actions of Tim Staples and St. Joseph's are the clearest admission of utter defeat on the issue of Papal Infallibility we have ever seen.  Find out why you can't watch the debate on video tape even though it was videoed.


James White
Serving Up Circular Arguments
The July/August 2000 This Rock magazine contains yet another attempt to get around biblical truth.  James White replies to Steve O'Reilly once again.


James White
Many Thanks, Honorius
James White reviews his debate with Tim Staples on Papal Infallibility.


James White
Tim Staples Misrepresents Paul
Colin Smith documents the error of Timothy Staples on the 8/14/00 Bible Answer Man broadcast regarding the meaning and usage of the subjunctive in koine Greek.


Colin Smith
The Mass Card
James White responds to the offering of a Mass in his name at the headquarters of Catholic Answers.


James White
Catholic Legends And How They Get Started
An Example  Ever hear someone claim Augustine said "Roma locuta est, causa finita est" (Rome has spoken, the case is closed)?   A valuable example of how Roman myths and legends get their start.


James White
Catholic Answers Dodges the Issues Again
Karl Keating says he won't debate James White because White lacks sufficient legitimacy!  This from the man who has debated Vinney Lewis and Peter Ruckman....


James White
Whitewashing Church History
James White responds to an attempt by This Rock to insert Papal supremacy into the early Church.  A response to Steven O'Reilly's article, The Attempt to Whitewash Peter's Primacy in the February, 2000 issue.


James White
Tim and Mark discuss the Eucharist
A response to an article by Tim Staples in the Catholic Digest


James White
An Open Invitation to Karl Keating to Debate in San Diego
Given the recent publication of Inside Catholic Answers which chronicles the activities of CA in going to Protestant meetings and seeking to give a "Catholic answer," we invite Karl Keating to do what he has been invited to do for almost ten years: debate James White in San Diego, home of Catholic Answers.


James White
Invalid Arguments Abound in Roman Catholic Apologetics
Here is an example drawn from Robert Sungenis' writings.


James White
Bill Webster Responds to Misrepresentations
in the newly published book by Steve Ray, Upon This Rock.  A must read for anyone who thinks Mr. Ray's new book fairly deals with historical issues.


James White
Bill Webster Responds to Roman Claims on the Papacy
including a review and rebuttal of Jesus, Peter & the Keys


James White
Looks Can Be Deceiving
A recent e-mail focuses on interpreting the early Church Fathers.


James White
The Believer's Security
A Response to James Akin from This Rock Magazine.


James White
The Bereans Rejected Sola Scriptura?
A Review and Rebuttal of an article in This Rock.


James White
95 Theses.


Martin Luther
An Open Letter to Tim Staples


James White
Does The Bible Teach Sola Scriptura?
A debate with Patrick Madrid. LONG


The Immaculate Conception
Is there a Biblical basis?


James White
The Meaning of "Theopneustos"


B.B. Warfield
Catholic Answers: Myth or Reality?
LONG (but well worth it!)


James White
Mirror Mirror: The Decline of Catholic Answers


James White
A response to "Evangelicals and Catholics Together."


James White
Jesus, Peter & the Keys
A Summary Response


James White
Muddying the Waters
A Response to R. Sungenis' Article in This Rock Magazine


James White
Tradition in the New Testament
A Response to David Palm's Article


James White
Is Roman Catholic History Reliable?
A Recent Example from This Rock Magazine


James White
Of Athanasius and Infallibility
Brief Comments on the Dialogue Between Douglas Jones and Patrick Madrid


James White
"The Sola Scriptura Debate"
James White vs Gerry Matatics


A Response to an Argument For Infallibility


James White
Calvinists Converting to Rome?
A Review of Two Conversion Stories in Surprised by Truth.


James White
"Upon this Rock."
Jesus Is Speaking TO Peter ABOUT the "Rock."


James White
About Debates With Other Roman Catholic Apologists.


James White
The Empty Hand of Faith
An "Electronic Tract" on the Nature of Saving Faith


James White
A Wake Up Call To A Sleepy Evangelicalism
A Wave of New Books Attacking Sola Scriptura Reminds Us of What is Important.


James White
Why I Left The Roman Catholic Church


Benny Diaz

We highly recommend the work of our good friend William Webster on this subject.  See his materials at www.christiantruth.com!