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The King James Only Movement





The Lockman Foundation responds to KJVO claims about Frank Logsdon


Lockman Foundation
Download the King James Only Controversy PowerPoint Presentation.
(referenced and explained on the Dividing Line Webcast)
James White
Link to a number of excellent web articles on KJV Onlyism


Sola Gratia Ministries
The Theonomy-L "Debate" with Theodore Letis.
Dr. Letis is courting conservative KJV Only folks, yet, read what he really thinks about Baptists, fundamentalists, and KJV Only advocates. LONG!
A Colorful Review Falls Short -- WAY Short.
A Review and Rebuttal of Dr. Thomas Holland's Attempted Rebuttal of The King James Only Controversy, a Review Published by Peter Ruckman.


James White
The View from Marrs
James White responds to Texe Marrs


James White
A Brief Response to Texe Marrs


James White
New Age Bible Versions Refuted
James White's refutation of Gail Riplinger's book, New Age Bible Versions! (LONG)


James White
A Response to a Brother in Christ
 James White Replies to Dr. Henry Morris on the KJV.


James White
A Response to Dr. Kirk D. DiVietro's "85 Large Pages of Scholarly Refutation!"


James White
The Ruckman--White Correspondence (LONG)


A Response to Peter Ruckman's Critique of The King James Only Controversy.


James White
William Schnoebelen Converts to KJV Onlyism.
We Examine His Arguments.


James White
Erasmus of Rotterdam: His New Testament and Its Importance


James White

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